Who Are You Called To Shop Up As In This World?

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Hey there, I’m Kelly. I’m a guest blogger today on the CWIB Shop blog. I own a Facebook management company and I love cheering people on in their pursuit of what God has called them to do. I’m also a pretty straight talker.  I try and do this last bit with a whole lot of love!

Part of that is about helping people to think about how God is calling them to show up in this world.  Who is God calling them to be?  How are they showing up in the business that they are doing, as well as at home and in their relationships around them? 

Now, I will be honest, I have not always got this right.  I have shown up as the person who wants someone to come and rescue her. I have shown up as the self-righteous person who thinks they know a lot about everything. I have shown up as the nagging wife that causes her husband to sit on the corner of the roof (Proverbs 21:9). I have also shown up as that woman who is way too hard on herself and thinks she should be doing so much better than what she is. So please know that none of this comes from a position where I think I know better than you.

Let’s consider, just for a moment, if you got to choose what characteristics you would love to have. If you got to choose whether you reacted this way or that way to a situation.  What if you got to choose whether you were going to respond nicely or harshly? Maybe it’s to that email that just came in with a complaint, or to the husband who just called to say he has a late meeting and will miss dinner. Or that small hand on your lap when you desperately need to get some work done.

When we stop for a minute to take into consideration how we want to show up in this world, who God has called us to be in this moment, then we can choose our path forward.  Sometimes this is done with a big sigh or a word of frustration. Sometimes we need to get on the phone to a friend and just say ‘I’m finding this really hard today’. But ultimately, we get to choose how we show up in this world.

Who is God calling you to be? Who is He bringing alongside you as your cheer squad?


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  • Lovely words and thoughts, Kelly! Well done.

    Sue Hurst on

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