Hey there, 

It's so lovely to "meet" you and welcome to our shop! 

We're a community of Christian women in business who are aligning their businesses with God, we launched our community 11th Feb 2017 and have since launched this shop a year after.

We've created some wonderful products to help you develop your faith and to help strengthen you in your business. All these products are developed with the Christian Women in Business in mind.

Our aim is to help support & serve you in your journey in any way we can. By doing so we've created a blog that's all written by our wonderful members to help encourage you, we now have an app that you can download for free here >> and we aim to build our shop for you over time. 

We try and source products that are environmental & human-friendly and where we can we make them in Australia.

Even though we are based in Australia we can ship world-wide.

We hope you enjoy your shopping.

SJ Meeson - Founder of Christian Women in Business


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