Business Devotional

The Beloved Business Devotional has been designed to help you draw closer to God in your business. We've collected 40 powerful Weekly Devotionals from our weekly devotionals in our community that have come straight from the members hearts to yours. 

This book has been designed with the busy business owner in mind, each peace is to the point and powerful.

Helping your start your day or week off with God at the centre,

Build your faith in God through business...

Uncover a new page each week and you'll discover a new scripture and a message to get you thinking about how to business with God at the centre.

Business can be really hard work and sometimes you just need that alone time with God to reset your batteries and ground yourself in your creator to feel refreshed and ready to start your week.

We share practical tips, struggles from the heart and the amazing love that God has shared with us in our business leaving you feeling light and spirit filled, like you're sat having a cup of tea with your girlfriend having a heart to heart.

Sarah-Jane Meeson

Our Mission

Our mission is to create tools to help empower women to build great,  successful, God filled businesses. We don't just want to do this for women in First world countries but for women in Third world countries too.  For every book that you buy a percentage of the proceeds will go into translating this book so women all over the world will have an opportunity to be inspired.

Or if you feel inspired to do so, you can buy a book for them too, just pick the "Buy a Book For Me & A Book For Her" option in the book amounts section.

Sarah-Jane Meeson
Founder of Christian Women in Business