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Edition 2 - Business Devotional

Keep yourself and your business God centred with this weekly business devotional.

Each week in our membership, one of our beautiful member's share a word from her heart and bible.  We've collected a range of 2018 devotionals together to bring you our second CWIB Weekly Business Devotional.

This devotional will leave you feeling on fire for God, confident that you're building of Godly business and know you're always putting time aside for Jesus.

This devotional is designed to suit the busy business owner so you can spend your first working hour a week with God and trust Him with your business for the rest of the week.


Our mission is to create tools to help empower women to build great, successful, God filled businesses. We don't just want to do this for women in First world countries but for women in Third world countries too.  For every book that you buy a percentage of the proceeds will go into translating this book so women all over the world will have an opportunity to be inspired.

Or if you feel inspired to do so, you can buy a book for them too, just pick the buy a book plus 1 option in the book amounts section.