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Beloved Business Devotionals

From our hearts to yours our Beloved Business Devotionals are a collection of all our Weekly Devotionals shared by SJ & different members within our community. Started each week with God at the centre of your business...

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Meet SJ

SJ is the Founder of Christian Women in Business & our CWIB Shop. SJ is passionate about encouraging women to get into the Word in their businesses and seeing the power of God & the Holy Spirit create miracles in the market place. All our products are aimed to help you keep your eyes on god, with a little bit of pretty xo

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Taken from Proverbs 31 ~ We believe that God has given us our dreams, visions & missions for a reason and we know that every woman is capable of doing incredible things. It's up to us to make the plans for our business and in doing this, we know that God will make sure that His will comes to pass as begin to make the steps. This print is a reminder that we should never stop planning, as the Lord is always with us in our businesses. Reverse Print - Decide which one goes best with your space...

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Proverbs 16:9

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